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Monday, June 05, 2017

Fleeing Tyranny Or Bringing It With Them?

Many newcomers to Canada and Europe are demanding laws similar to those from which they claim to be seeking refuge.
Newcomers soon start demanding privileges. They ask for gender segregation at work and in educational institutions; they ask for faith schools (madrasas), and demand an end to any criticism of their extremist practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM), forced marriages, child marriages and inciting hatred for other religions. They call any criticism "Islamophobia". They seek to establish a parallel justice system such as sharia courts. They are also unlikely, on different pretexts, to support any anti-terror or anti-extremism programs. They seem to focus only on criticizing the policies of West.

It is now the responsibility of Western governments to curb this growing turbulence of religious fundamentalism. Western governments need to require "hardline" Muslims to follow the laws of the land. Extremists need to be stopped from driving civilization to a collision course before the freedoms, for which so many have worked so hard and sacrificed so much are -- through indifference or political opportunism -- completely abolished.

Terror attacks and other offshoots of Islamic extremism have created an atmosphere of mistrust between Europe's natives and thousands of those who entered European countries to seek shelter.

The situation is turning the Europeans against their own governments and against those advocating help for the war-torn migrants who have been arriving.

Europeans are turning hostile towards the idea of freedom and peaceful coexistence; they have apparently been seeing newcomers as seeking exceptions to the rules and culture of West.



Anonymous said...

Europeans are turning against their own governments . . .

Of course they are!
These Western governments (US included) are run by globalist bankers who have seized control of the local governments using usury (debt based money). The West is now so thoroughly corrupt that it cannot be reigned in - there is no hope for recovery.

One must identify WHO is behind these globalist agendas (Communism, Cabala, Freemasonry) and WHO owns the international banks and Israel. Until the enemy is identified (it is not Islam) one cannot learn to cope with those who want to be our masters (we become their slaves through debt). They are magicians. Tricksters. Sheisters. They are to be repelled wherever possible.

Anonymous said...

They were repelled everywhere on the planet for centuries until they got a foot hold of the Western Banks. Now as you say there is no hope or little hope for getting them out of our lives. They have used their power as owners of the corporations and the banks in particular to buy all of the governments and rig the markets. They are truly evil people. They were definitely behind Communism and planned the overthrow of the Tsar and murdered his entire family. They were behind Lenin and financed him. Ditto for Stalin. Karl Marx was one of them. Now they control the conversations in all universities almost world wide. They definitely control Hollywood. Unfortunately I believe our POTUS is one of them and or works for them secretly as did the evil Clinton family.

Rebel Without a Clue said...

Andrew Wilcow said the other week (Paraphrasing): "If you bring there, here, eventually here will be there". I have to agree with that logic. These are not you Ellis Island immigrants by any stretch of the imagination. They do not coming here seeking the American dream or to become American's. They only want to spread Islam, in America (and Canada). Give me the Mexican's any day over the Muslims. Y'all can start hating on me now.

Anonymous said...

AMERICANS, get ready for FORCE Islamic assimilation in the United States. Thanks to the Constitution. Sooner than later, Christian will have to choose between the Christian faith or Islamic faith. And the Christians who stand firm with their faith shall be no more.