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Monday, June 05, 2017

CNN Host Reza Aslan Calls Trump ‘Piece of Sh*t’

CNN host Reza Aslan attacked President Trump for correctly identifying the London Bridge attack as an act of terror.

The host of CNN’s Believer TV series attacked President Trump for tweeting about the need to implement his previously suggested travel halt in order to prevent terrorism in America.

Aslan quoted the President’s tweet referring to him as a “piece of sh*t.”

After NBC Nightly News refused to report on President Trump’s assertion that the London attacks were an act of Islamic terror, Aslan quoted the tweet, calling President Trump a “man baby” and claiming that he must be “ignored in times of crisis.”



Anonymous said...

Think of the reaction if someone had called obammie this!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Aslan needs to insert himself at ground zero at the next attack so he get up close and personal with the jihadists. Or is he all mouth?

Anonymous said...

9:55 AM, He's all mouth and a POS. Anyone who watches CNN deserves the stupid news they get.

Anonymous said...

Does Aslan have a better solution, or just the acid tongue that entertains his viewers?