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Monday, June 05, 2017

Breaking News: Officials have named two of the London attack suspects

One was known to the police and was in a TV film about jihadis in Britain.

Khurum Shazad Butt was not the typical resident of the East London neighborhood of Barking. He dressed in the religious gown of a conservative Muslim — with a tracksuit and sneakers underneath. He turned up in a Channel 4 documentary, “The Jihadis Next Door.” And now London’s Metropolitan Police have identified him as one of the three men who carried out the deadly terror attack on Saturday at London Bridge and Borough Market.


Anonymous said...

Where's the magic words?

Anonymous said...

One of the commenters on the original story made this call... waiting to hear that the perps were already known to police and on a watch list!


Anonymous said...

M U S L I M S.

Anonymous said...

The perps were known to MI6 because MI6 orchestrated the fake terror event.