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Monday, June 05, 2017

White House Leak Central: Kushner’s lawyer, Jamie Gorelick, A Decades-Long Clinton Loyalist

Trump’s son-in-law and policy advisor Jared Kushner hires globalist lawyer to represent him in Russia investigation

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Trump’s son-in-law and policy advisor Jared Kushner, a globalist with leftist learnings, has hired Jamie Gorelick as his attorney in the Democrat’s “Russian collusion” witch hunt.

Remarkably, positioning Gorelick at the heart of the Trump administration counter-attack to the Democratic Party’s no-evidence “Russian Collusion” meme is tantamount to installing a direct line to the Clinton home in Chappaqua, N.Y., making leaking to Bill and Hillary a matter of lawyer-client privilege.

For those who have not followed Gorelick’s career, she is an established Clinton operative whose loyalty to the Clinton-wing of the Democratic Party has decades of history.


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Anonymous said...

Wasn't Gorelick the one who during the Clinton administration put up a wall preventing the FBI and CIA from talking to each other that led to the 9/11 terrorist attacks?
Seems I still have a copy of the 9/11 report where Gorelick is named prominently.