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Monday, June 05, 2017

An Open Letter To High School Graduates

Congratulations to all you high school graduates. By now, you have walked across the stage, before your classmates, teachers, administrators and family, shook hands with a figure of authority and received your high school diploma.

This much is certain — a major milestone in your life has been achieved and you should be proud of the accomplishment and enjoy some time celebrating safely and hopefully enjoying some relaxation along the way.

However, we are not going to gush over you like so many others this week. You deserve to pat yourself on the back and have a sense of pride in what you were able to do over the last four years. There’s nothing that could be said to diminish your achievement.

However, it’s worth remembering you have merely done what has been expected of you at your age.



Anonymous said...

I have no problem with celebrating HS graduations. Let's face it, for some it is likely to be their only major accomplishment. What I can't stand is the over the top graduation parties for kindergarten/primary and elementary school.

Anonymous said...

High school grads are now about the level of a 8 year old from 20 years ago. They have dumb downed education to suit the minority , if not the class would be minority free and some smart people would graduate .

Anonymous said...

It was not done to suit the minority.
That is the fraud we have been told.
It was done to suit those who want to be our Masters.
They are not liberal or conservative. They are the people who control both of those agendas.
Think Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Warburgs, so on . . .

Anonymous said...

2:05 What exactly are your educational accomplishments???