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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

US taxpayers made millionaires out of Afghan gangsters, warlords and connected class

American taxpayers have spent more than $100 billion rebuilding Afghanistan, creating schools, hospitals and roads while making millionaires out of a rogue's gallery of warlords, gangsters and corrupt officials.

A total of $114 billion, which does not include even more spent on the military effort to oust the Taliban and stabilize the impoverished country, has been appropriated since 2002. While it has likely improved conditions in the country, corrupt builders, security providers, mercenaries and even local bankers have all taken their cuts - and gotten rich in the process.

"Injecting tens of billions of dollars into a small country with insufficient oversight and flawed contracting practices created opportunities for the theft and embezzlement of foreign aid,” Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) John Sopko told “Our $114 billion investment in Afghanistan has been plagued by these criminal acts.”


Anonymous said...

The illegal wars are nothing more than a front for racketeering.
The wars have no other purpose, and that is why we never win.
The wars are not supposed to ever stop.

Anonymous said...

After decades of providing aid to other countries it's likely that over half the money never got to its intended use and only a tenth of the projects were ever completed. It's probably not much better at home.

Anonymous said...

So it is everywhere we spread the money around, especially when there's a Democrat in charge of oversight.

Anonymous said...

Bring the money home and take care of ghe the truly desperate and in need , not the perfectly capable people that leach the system!

Anonymous said...

Time for us to bring all of our forces home and let these people duke it out among themselves.Why are we there in the first place? One word answer.OIL. Yet the Democrats are doing all in their power to keep us from being energy dependent. Start the pipeline.

Anonymous said...

We arent there for oil, 12:57 has it dead on, illegal wars for profit. War is big business and the ones who supply the goods always support the conflict. Often times both sides of it.