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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Evidence from the Debate that Hillary's Health is Failing

After Hillary Clinton collapsed at a September 11th memorial service, rumors about her health have swirled. Now, it looks like at least one of those rumors might have been confirmed during Sunday’s debate.

Kristin Cole, a newscaster with New York City local news channel PIX11, dropped a bombshell announcement: that the Secret Service banned flash photography during the debate—and took away people’s phones—because they were concerned that the sudden bursts of light could cause Hillary to have a seizure.

The lighthearted panel was playing with disposable cameras and discussing their “comeback” during Sunday’s debate after one was seen with Ken Bone, an audience questioner who has attracted subsequent internet attention.

After Cole took a camera flash in the face, she explained that this was exactly why the Secret Service had apparently banned cameras to begin with:

"This is the reason why [cell phone cameras were] banned, apparently, because the Secret Service did not trust people to disable the flashes on their cameras. And they were afraid it would, sort of, inspire Hillary’s seizure disorder, that she would have a problem with that.”

Hillary’s campaign has not yet publicly weighed in on whether or not their candidate suffers from seizures—and whether or not they had specifically asked the Secret Service to ban cameras, for fear of harming Hillary during Sunday’s debate.



Anonymous said...

But I saw plenty of people after the debate with cameras taking pictures with the candidates.

Anonymous said...

Walk into the light Hillary!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she has epilepsy.

Steve said...

Because she is weak and diseased. Bottom line. She's sick, and it's progressive, and not curable. And it will get worse.

Besides that, she is an angry woman who hates us "Deplorables".

Trump is strong, able, smart, worldly, and has made everything he touched turn to gold.

That's what I want for my Country.

Not an old, angry, sickly wench who hates me.

What will she do for me but to keep everyone in slavery and sell out our Country.

Gee, such a difficult choice?

Not Quite Understanding said...

There were a bunch of disposable cameras being used after the debate. This would explain it perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Just heard today that her doctor's father, who had released/leaked some info., is now dead. That's sixty-how many people that have been a threat that ended up dead shortly thereafter??! And some people are worrying about what a millionaire was bragging, & undoubtedly exaggerating about 11 years ago ? I've heard worse on the jobsite, but it doesn't fit anyone's agenda to expose it. Guys can be pretty oinky when amongst themselves, period.

Anonymous said...

She is the Devil the Devil don't die and go away

the Fly pitched on her evidence she is the Devil