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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Paula Jones Goes Full-Tilt On Joy Behar For Calling Her Bill’s ‘Tramp’: ‘Was Bill The Victim When Monica Sucked It?

Paula Jones responded to Joy Behar’s claim that she was a “tramp” with a series of tweets Tuesday morning.

Jones, who sued former President Bill Clinton for sexual assault in relation 10 a 1991 incident in Arkansas, demanded an explanation from Behar for the comments she made during Monday’s broadcast of “The View” on ABC. (RELATED: Juanita Broaddrick Chastises Joy Behar: ‘Shame On You’)

Behar and her co-host Whoopi Goldberg argued that Jones and Bill Clinton’s other sexual assault accusers were “tramps” because they knew they were sleeping with a married man. 



Anonymous said...

Behar and Goldberg aren't worth even responding to! Two loud mouths with no intelligence.

Anonymous said...

So they are assaulting those women whom Bill Clinton took advantage of. What hypocrites! Just like Hillary!

Anonymous said...

So women supporting women right???? Nice... sad they do not see their hypocrisy

Anonymous said...

blaming the victims.
Think i will vote trump.

Anonymous said...

Goes to show how our country has gone to low standards today. Can you imagine how much lower it will fall if the fat lady leads. How or why is trash such as this even aired. I might add, it doesn't help matters for people like Bill of his Factor and candidates running for office to jump in the arena with the scum and late night comedy shows.

Anonymous said...

Some of the women on the View are real pigs!! But many of the democratic base feel the same way! Democrat politicians can do anything they want, plain and simple. The base will support them and the media will lies, cheat and steal to help them. I am so sick of this crap and really wish I could leave this country because I I think Hillary will win and the game is over then.