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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Biden Tells Rally Crowd: I Know Some of You Are Not Crazy About Hillary

Friday in Bristol, PA, while campaigning for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden acknowledged the lack of enthusiasm for his party’s nominee.

Biden said, “I know some of you, and some of the people you are trying to convince are not crazy about Hillary. I know that. Okay. I think she has gotten an unfair deal. But the truth of the matter is there is a lot of people—but folks don’t , don’t wake up on November 9 and find out we lost Pennsylvania by 2000 votes and say if I only. If I had only taken my neighbor. If I only gone. If I only. If I only. And there has been a lot of elections. Remember Al Gore.”



Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember Al Gore. He invented the internet. I can not forget the constant lies that come from the lips of Democrats.

Anonymous said...

The only bad hands that Hillary has gotten are the ones that she dealt to herself. Even with a sleeve full of cheater's cards, she's managed to do herself in.

Anonymous said...

Old, Ole flash, the people are not crazy about you either.