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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Trump’s Va. campaign chair fired after ‘stunt’ outside RNC

WASHINGTON — The Virginia campaign chair for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was fired Monday after he led a protest outside of the Republican Party’s national headquarters on Capitol Hill.

Corey Stewart, who is the chair of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors and is expected to run for governor next year, told WTOP that he was fired after he refused to shut down the protest, which drew more than two dozen Trump supporters. They were calling on party leaders to continue supporting Trump after a wave GOP lawmakers defected from the campaign this weekend.

During the protest, Stewart said he received a note from David Bossie, deputy campaign manager for the Trump team, threatening to fire him if he didn’t end the event.

“I refused to do it so he terminated me,” Stewart said. “I’m loyal to Mr. Trump not to any political operative, especially David Bossie, who is essentially an RNC plant and somebody who’s trying to undermine the campaign.”



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This in-party bickering is only fueling Hillary's campaign. They all need to get on board to save America or watch the GOP split. That's what the liberals want.

Anonymous said...

The RNC had better wake up THIS WEEK. Trump made a strong statement Sunday night, and they had better get behind it. If not, when Trump is elected, they will be in the same defense table as Hillary!

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And you wonder why Democrats always win!!