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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Coming Recession: Blame the Federal Reserve, Not the President

No matter who is elected this November, there will be a recession before the next President is elected.

This is why we should not lose sight of cause and effect: central banking. This is true in every major nation and the Eurozone.

Central banks operate domestic banking cartels. These cartels operate for the advantage of large multinational banks.

The central banks establish the rules of money creation domestically. This places limits on the banking system as a whole.

When there is a recession, blame the central bank. It establishes the rules governing the creation of the central economic institution: money.

The public wants a representative who can be held accountable when bad things happen in the economy. But most of what happens in the economy happens because of what the banking system does. The banking system governs the money supply, which in turn influences interest rates. Interest rates influence the supply and demand for capital. They tell investors where the highest rate of return is on borrowed funds.

The voters do not understand this. So, they look to the one American politician who represents all of the voters. That means the President.



Anonymous said...

Why more people do not know this is beyond me. Abandon the dollar in the US its a "greenback" anyway. History repeats itself.

Anonymous said...

In the truth Federal Reserve is the problem with economic, both great wars and banks is the behind 1 billion lives were murder from 1900's till this today in this era.