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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Supreme Court Justice Barack Hussein Obama . . .

1. He has covered her backside, no easy task in itself, in the e-mail scandal, the Benghazi scandal, and now wants some payback

2. He claims credentials as a Constitutional lawyer

3. He is buying a mansion in Washington D.C. and has

4. Made no secret of his desire to stay in the Capitol and protect his legacy of change

5. He could complete his “fundamental transformation” of our Republic during a lifetime on the Supreme Court

Please vote for Trump/Pence


Anonymous said...

He can be ignored in DC as well as anywhere else. Most have already begun that process.

Anonymous said...

I've been hearing that he had a UN job.We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Mansion and global warming does not work well together.

Anonymous said...

This is troubling, folks! Do all you can to get well-informed voters to the polls this election.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that diplomatic attache to Kenya would be a good fit. It would get him right in there doing what he says he's best at.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with 11:12 AM a perfect job fit!

This should scare the heck or more out of every American white, black, or other citizen. This so-called "free America" would no longer be in existence. All the come here's would find themselves in no better shape than where they came despite all the promises.

This is a fight of good over evil, of Freedom over Global take over, of Democracy over terror like we have never known.

I am voting for Trump because in my opinion, he is our best chance of survival. Do I care for some of his language, no. But, I care even less for Clinton with all her lies, the treason against America, the complete destruction of all that is legal and ethical. At least, Mr. Trump has never stolen government secrets, used blackmail to win or cheat. I know I feel safe with Mr. Trump as opposed to Clinton. Trump doesn't surround himself with losers and yes people like Clinton does. He has the brightest and best coaching and teaching him. With all of Clinton's so-called years of service, just exactly what has she ever accomplished?? The answer is nothing. As Sec. of State , she was such a complete failure that has this country nearly at war with almost every country!

With Democrats, the only way they can win is to cheat. They can't play fair and square like most people were taught from an early age. They all cheat to win. I know Trump fights fair and square. On the other hand, Hillary gets the questions to debates and Town Halls in advance so she has a leg up, her staff stage all her appearances and nothing absolutely nothing gets by them to ever hit her off guard.

Clinton is another loser only more dangerous and like Obama cares nothing for this country except what they can steal.

Donald Trump wants everyone to succeed. And he wants to keep America the America we all love and want to keep.