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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

CNN Rigs Its Own Poll AGAIN to Claim Clinton Won the Debate

Democrats oversampled, poll contradicted by consensus that Trump won big

CNN was forced to rig its own poll yet again in order to claim that Hillary Clinton won last night’s debate, despite the overwhelming consensus that Donald Trump scored a clear victory.

A CNN/ORC poll of debate watchers released last night, which sampled just 537 respondents, found that 57% thought Clinton won the debate while 34% thought Trump was victorious.

However, despite not yet releasing its full methodology, CNN reported that 58% of the respondents were Democrats. This does not mean that 42% were Republicans, since the 42% figure also includes independents.



Anonymous said...

Clinton did not win the debate her campaign made HUGE mistake. He destroyed the best spin master in the corrupt DNC with facts.

Anonymous said...

I have left a lot of comments on this site but have decided on a new strategy. From now until the election I will be reserving the vast majority of my comments for the Huffington Post. The reason being that the stakes are too high for me to waste my time agreeing with you all for the next month. Instead I am taking the knowledge I have gained here and blowing it straight up the liberals @$$#$. Most of them stick to liberal media which will never tell them the truth and never cover Hillary's greatest crimes. They don't like Clinton and we can get them on our side, but it will take all of us pointing out the lies and hypocrisies. Don't be mean, don't be condescending or hateful, just state the facts... because the facts are on our side.

Anonymous said...


You forgot one small thing. Liberals don't care about facts.

Anonymous said...

You need to do a story on how fox news is backstabbing trump all they do is put down trump i dont get it who is running that station.

Anonymous said...

America is cloae to being lost forever and CNN and millinials are too blame...(

Steve said...

7:51, Fox went MSM about a year ago. Although they TRY to sound "fair & balanced, you decide", they only give us the one side of spun facts to guide our decisions. I haven't seen a conservative or even middle ground news station on a TV for a lonnnnngggggg time.

Anonymous said...

I quit Fox a while back, only get my untarnished news from Infowars and Breitbart.

Unknown said...

CNN is officially a tabloid.

Anonymous said...

I'm a registered Republican and I've NEVER received a poll phone call.

All TV media is [lying] liberal and they're sucking up to their liberal ELITE wealthy masters who own them.