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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

BOOM! Trump Tells Hillary: 'If I win, I will appoint special prosecutor to investigate you'

"You’d be in jail" if I were prez, he says during second presidential debate

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made one of his most forceful attacks at the second US presidential debate when he told Hillary Clinton he would assign a special prosecutor to investigate her email scandal.


Thornton Crowe said...

This will no doubt scare the Democrats even more. Should he do this many people within our government will fall on swords because the corruption has permeated DC money/power hungry since Bush Sr. years. The fireworks are about to erupt all over the place because Trump is saying what we've all known but no one in DC dared to say until now. Get your popcorn ready and on November 8th VOTE!

Anonymous said...

Joe,please put a get out &vote banner at the top of the blog. Signed one of the deplorables.

Anonymous said...

This scares every sane person. Threatening your political opposition is Putin/Venezuela/banana republic type actions.
Why do you think the polls are shifting hard towards Clinton.....

Anonymous said...

He will be killed before he can even take the oath, we all know how the Clinton Crime Family works!

Anonymous said...

He, with those few words, strengthened my belief that there is some hope for a better government.

Anonymous said...

the Clintons are in fact criminals as it is obvious.
However, they are not the "family" you believe.

They work for other people.
It is their bosses who are the crime family.
Clintons are puppets.

Get it?

Unknown said...

A drop mic moment to be sure. Trump did very well especially considering it was 3 against 1. Killary and her supporters are the real deplorables.

Anonymous said...

Hope he wins.

Anonymous said...

This will just make the criminal elite all the more determined to keep him from winning. Donald is dealing with something far more corrupt, criminal and evil than he could ever have anticipated.

I am PRAYING not only that Donald Trump WINS this most important election, but also that God is protecting him from being assassinated. I hate to even have to use that word but this is a serious and dangerous situation.

"May God bless, guide and protect Donald J. Trump".