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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

NBC 'Today' anchor Billy Bush leaving network amid sex-charged Trump controversy

Billy Bush, the NBC "Today" anchor who was featured in a resurfaced 2005 video showing him engaged in a vulgar conversation with Donald Trump, is exiting his role at the network, according to a report.

On Tuesday, the Hollywood Reporter said Bush and NBC "are negotiating his exit from NBC News," citing anonymous sources.

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Anonymous said...

Set up by paul ryan.

Anonymous said...

Yup thats a FACT.

Anonymous said...

Another Clinton Foundation employment hopeful.

Steve said...

What a pussy. Trump went one way, Billy Bush went the opposite.

That says a lot about the Bush crowd as well.

Trump is a breath of fresh air.

Please vote Trump/ Pence.

Voting Independent is a vote for Hillary. I DO like the independent candidates, it's just that there is only ONE choice this year, and the other? Well, there won't be any more elections if Hillary wins, so make it count this time.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to prove the hypocrisy & nature of the network which is owned by comcast & espouses some of the filthiest shows on television; all during the late afternoons & dinner hours when young children are home from school and can watch.
Yet they pretend outrage at some eleven year old & lewd remarks made by a candidate.