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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Poultry Producers Hit With Chicken Price Antitrust Suit: Nothing Mentioned From Your Local Main Stream Media

The food production giants that comprise 98 percent of the chicken meat industry in the U.S. have been hit again with antitrust lawsuits from indirect purchasers and consumers alleging Tyson Foods, Perdue Farms, Koch Foods and other producers conspired to fix chicken prices.

Food distributor Maplevale Farms on Friday filed a proposed class action in Illinois against Tyson Foods, Pilgrim’s Pride and several other poultry producers alleging they conspired to fix chicken prices.

The poultry producers manipulated the price of so-called broiler chickens by coordinating and limiting production and exchanged detailed information about prices, capacity and sales volume through data compiler Agri Stats Inc., also named as a defendant in the suit, Maplevale Farms Inc. said.


Anonymous said...

No such thing. Chicken is the cheapest thing we can buy.

Anonymous said...

1:25AM: Hey night owl, you are apparently too young to remember when chicken was much, much less expensive. I'm talking 42 cents / lb., that I can remember, to a whopping $1.48 / lb. at today's prices. The massive efficiencies that have been achieved by today's modern chicken grower operations, and the economies of scale created by mass production, have not been passed on to the consumer. I believe it when they say that there has been collusion between the major producers to manipulate prices by JOINTLY manipulating supply to the market. Otherwise, the reduced cost to the producers, and competition between them, would have created stable, or reduced prices. It's the "JOINTLY" part that makes the suit an anti-trust action.