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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Hillary: ‘I don’t recall’ pushing execution of WikiLeaks founder

Report said Clinton asked State Department: 'Can't we just drone this guy?'

Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton says she doesn’t recall making a suggestion as secretary of state that the U.S. execute WikiLeaks whistleblower Julian Assange with a planned drone strike.

As WND reported, WikiLeaks tweeted a report from the True Pundit blog Monday that said Clinton proposed exactly that in 2010.

“Can’t we just drone this guy?” Clinton asked during a State Department meeting, according to the report.

“I don’t know anything about what [WikiLeaks] is talking about, and I don’t recall any joke. It would have been a joke had it been said, but I don’t recall that,” Clinton said Tuesday evening.



Anonymous said...

Just like Benghazi was a JOKE, and the JOKE about Sniper Fire in Somolia. Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

And as usual, Hillary doesn't remember.

Anonymous said...

She can't recall anything!
AND----People want her
as President??????

Anonymous said...

My grandfather with Alzheimer's has a better memory than Hillary. He can't tell you what he did ten minutes ago, but he'll accurately remember statements and events from ten years ago.