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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Disgusting: Hillary Buys Ads on Weather Channel for Hurricane Matthew

In really a shameful display of political greed, Hillary Clinton is taking the “never let a serious crisis go to waste” Democrat mantra to an entirely new level — even before it occurs — and it’s simply grotesque.

As weather reports of deadly Hurricane Matthew approaching the Florida coast, Hillary Clinton and her campaign of leftist masterminds were busily thinking of ways she could benefit politically from the possible tragedy that may occur.

And it looks like they’ve figured out a way to pull it off (of course, they did).

Politico reported on Wednesday that the cold-hearted Clinton, already facing historic challenges in the unlikability department (almost as high as Donald Trump, but I digress), “is buying airtime on the Weather Channel in a slew of major Florida media markets.”



Anonymous said...

Is she promising to eliminate hurricanes during her presidency?

Anonymous said...

Very inconsiderate considering the damage, health problems and possible loss of life.

Anonymous said...

Eh, that's just good marketing. I'm sure her campaign won't be the only ones buying ad time, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Weather Channel isn't fetching a premium rate for those slots.