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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Illegal Voters Uncovered in Philly Are 'Tip of the Iceberg'

Law firm uncovers illegal immigrants, convicted felons on rolls — and some have voted in crucial swing state

At least 86 non-citizens have been registered voters in Philadelphia since 2013, and almost half — 40 — even voted in at least one recent election, according to a legal group that sued to get voter registration records.

Joseph Vanderhulst, an attorney with the Public Interest Legal Foundation, noted Philadelphia knows about those 86 illegal voters only because officials received specific requests — in almost every case from the voters themselves — to remove the names from the rolls. He said there is no way to know how many non-citizens might be registered to vote in Philadelphia, let alone in the rest of politically crucial Pennsylvania.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg,” he said. “Who knows how many are on and don’t ask to be taken off.”



Anonymous said...

We don't even know if those people actually voted, but someone using their identities did.

Anonymous said...

Democratic machine in motion..get illiterates and idiots to vote democratic..I'm sure the only words they know are Clinton. .

Anonymous said...

This is the only reason dumbocrats get elected. Massive voter fraud.

Guess who learned the Chicago (Crook County) way of elections? Obama (Highland park) and Hillary (Park Ridge) Vote early, vote often.

Don't forget the other tactics the dumbocrats use. Place a republican candidate sign in your yard and suddenly the city of Chicago sends out an inspector to issue you a citation for your grass too long, you get your water shut off by mistake, a brick comes thru your porch window during the night, you get a parking ticket from somewhere in the city you've never been, etc.

dumbocrats are thugs crooks and theives, and they do this because they are "legally" robbing you thru taxes.

Lets make a move to put a stop to this, DON'T VOTE FOR HILLARY OR ANY OTHER DUMBOCRATS!

Anonymous said...

This is a sad day in America when we no longer have fair and honest elections. Voter I.D. should be required in all states.

Anonymous said...

It remains a mystery as to WHY NO VOTER ID required to vote!
It just makes sense.