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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Average ATM Fees Hit Record High For 10th Straight Year

If you were hoping that ATM fees would suddenly drop, making life better for anyone who’s ever been forced to use an out-of-network machine, well, we’ve got some bad news: according to a new survey, average ATM fees were up yet again to $4.57 per transaction, marking the 10th straight year of increases.

Each withdrawal you make outside your bank’s ATMs could result in two fees, and both are up this year: Bankrate’s annual checking account survey found that ATMs on average charge $2.90 to let non-customers withdraw money, a 0.7% increase over last year, enough to set a record for the 12th consecutive year.

And the fee your bank will probably charge you for going out-of-network also went up, 1.8% to $1.67 this year. That means you’ll be paying around $4.57 if you don’t use your own bank’s ATM, up $4.52 from last year.



Anonymous said...

Find a bank or credit union that has lots of branches and lots of ATMs, or one that doesn't have fees.

Anonymous said...

This is such BS.
They forced ATM's on us as a way to cut their staff and pay less in wages.
Now they are charging me to get my own money?
Such a load of crap, and what amazes me is that people just bend over and take it.
It costs them nothing to electronically transact between banks.
We do it all the time FOR NOTHING.
We ACH money to and fro.

Life is now a constant battle not to be ripped off. It is sad to see that EVERYTHING is now about money, taking your money, finding a way to steal your money from you.

Anonymous said...

Why the Feds ,States and counties do it..They want a peice of the's only sister moved overseas...because she couldn't make it work here...I protested ..but I feel the same way..over seventy percent of my income is taxed, fees and fines..and government required really tired of them raping us.....