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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Undecided Voters Turned Off By Tim Kaine's Interruptions

Undecided voters in Ohio who watched Tuesday’s vice presidential debate were turned off by Democratic running mate Tim Kaine’s repeated interruptions of Republican Mike Pence, according to a focus group conducted by pollster Frank Luntz.

Luntz live tweeted results during the debate at Longwood University. “Mike Pence is winning because Tim Kaine cannot debate like an adult without interruptions,” he wrote.

“Kaine is interrupting way too much,” Luntz tweeted, adding: “The focus group wants the moderator to lay down the law and shut him up until it’s his turn.”

The focus group, Luntz said, was comprised of 29 undecided Ohio voters, including people leaning towards both Trump and Clinton.



Anonymous said...

That is the most ridiculously small sample size I've ever heard of...

Anonymous said...

Typical libtard moves. Shout down any view that doesn't agree with theirs. All in the best image of Marx.

Communists, thieves, cheats, and general scumbags. That's the modern Democrats party

Steve said...

Well, he did interrupt, talk over so we could't hear Pence, and was a general obtuse a-hole the whole time. Maybe my third vote will sway the nation on this.

Did anyone else watch this fiasco?

Anonymous said...

Just like his partner Hillary even when asked pointed questions he just smiled that Joker grin, and gave it the old nothing sticks to them.