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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Hillary Clinton's hired thugs quieted Bill Clinton's mistresses

Through the years one of my favorite sallies against the Clintons has been to refer to Hillary Clinton as “Bruno.” At times readers have asked, “Why do you call her Bruno?” It is because there has always been an atmosphere of thuggishness about her. Another way of putting it is that time and again she acts as though the rule of law does not pertain to her. For instance, on the matter of the many women who have willingly or unwillingly been pulled into her husband’s lubricious ambit. How many times have you read or heard a quote attributed to her where she vows to “crush” a woman whom Bill rutted with or to “crucify” her. One even reads such quotes in the mainstream media (MSM). Yet she is portrayed as a champion of women.

Just last week I read quotes full of menace from Hillary in The Washington Post and this week in the venerable New York Times. Were similar quotes ever attributed to Nancy Reagan or to any other first lady? But then none of those first ladies was married to Bill.

Now, of course, today the matronly Hillary is long past her prime as a plausible Bruno. As she breaks out in coughing spells, and has to be propped up at the lectern in her heavily cushioned pantsuits, it is easy for us to have forgotten the intimidating specter she struck for such woman as Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, the young Monica or even Juanita Broaddrick, who allegedly was raped by smiling Bill. Yet in decades past she was a highly volatile figure and, in fact, posed a threat to White House personnel. There are all those witnesses who have reported seeing her bean her husband or members of the Secret Service with a book or a lamp. I think even the loyal George Stephanopoulos reported her aggression.



Anonymous said...

Whatever it takes no matter who gets hurt is what power-hungry people believe to keep advancing to their goals. Hillary is no exception. She's a dangerous woman and I find it hard to believe that many American voters still plan to vote for her knowing her many lies and illegal acts.

Anonymous said...

Had a friend that was related to a air force one pilot..he said she was hell on wheels..said she treated people like dirt under her feet..told people not to look at her or speak to her unless spoken to..said she treated the staff like dirt even the soldiers guarding her in the white house.Said she believed she was better than others and put on fake show for the media.Said she hated her husband, but the show must go on. HILLARY is a phony,if people can't see they are just blind.

Anonymous said...

No surprise here never did believe the poor cheated on wife game she played no "stand by your man" at all just fake, just like him a perfect pair.