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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Tim Kaine Left Hillary's Russian Dealings Out Of The Debate

Sen. Tim Kaine conveniently left out Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s ties to a Russian state-owned energy company when attacking his Republican opponent at Tuesday night’s debate.

“It is clear he has business dealings with Russia and is very connected to Putin,” Kaine said of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s business dealings, according to the debate transcript. “The Trump campaign management team had to be fired a month or so ago because of those shadowy connections.”

Kaine repeatedly attacked Trump and Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence for calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “better leader than president Obama.”

But Kaine left out an inconvenient fact about his running mate. Specifically, reports Clinton’s non-profit took money from a Canadian businessman looking to cut a deal with Rosatom — Russia’s state-owned nuclear energy company.



Anonymous said...

naturally, he would. Trumps most minor indescretions were not ommitted or glossed over, however.

Anonymous said...

Because her reset button deal was an embarrassment. We're the laughing stock of the world stage thanks to the Obama Administration.

Anonymous said...

hard to believe he left anything out, the way he went on...& on...& on...

Anonymous said...

They don't leave things out if the moderator picks and chooses what they want to allow in, and they have covered up so much he is no better also than Hillary.