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Thursday, October 06, 2016


Matthew - 1
Mickey - 0

Disney World is making the monumental decision to shut its doors as Hurricane Matthewbarrels into Florida ... TMZ has learned.

We're told the Orlando park will close down at 5 PM Thursday, but expects to open again Saturday morning. That's the plan ... but you gotta think that all depends on the damage.

Matthew's category 4 winds are expected to start tearing through South and Central Florida Thursday afternoon. Disney World has closed 3 previous times for hurricanes: once in 1999 (Floyd) and twice in 2004 (Frances and Jeanne).



Anonymous said...

Who the heck would go to Disney during a hurricane anyway?

Anonymous said...

Darwin award recipients?

Anonymous said...

The people at Disney aren't stupid! Folks plan vacations there months or even years in advance. They certainly can't predict what the weather will have in store for them a year ago when they booked. Disney will go above & beyond this week to make their guests as inconvenienced as possible.

Steve said...

Disney people are AWESOME! I went there once, and it's just plain another world. Go there and have the time of your life!

Anonymous said...

People who have all ready paid like duh

Anonymous said...

Most got stuck with their reservations.. but it was open until 5 today.. closed tomm so if you have booked a week you can still enjoy the time. What surprised me was that they are having guests bunker in their rooms but before the storm they will sell you a sandwich box for 12.99.. they coukd of thrown in a sandwich considering u can use the amenities you are paing for..

Anonymous said...

You have to figure that they have to secure things in the park just like everyone else does. Im sure they will take down flags, remove trash cans and other things. They also have to make sure that the animals are safe. You know if they were open some idiot would go to the park and purposely get hurt so they could sue.