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Thursday, October 06, 2016

See Hillary’s Libyan jihadi atrocities

Graphic scenes of violence unleashed after U.S.-backed overthrow

The extreme brutality unleashed by the mercenaries and Islamic fighters who joined Libyan-based jihadists to oust leader Moammar Gadhafi with the backing of Hillary Clinton’s State Department and NATO is demonstrated in three videos released to WND.

The videos, obtained through a trusted source, were vetted by Libyan tribal parliamentary leaders who spoke to WND. The Libyans verified the videos were taken in Libya in the weeks after the U.S.-backed NATO bombing that began in 2011.

As WND has reported, Clinton’s State Department had decided to rebuff offers Gadhafi had made to abdicate peacefully and avoid a war. And, meanwhile, Politico reported Tuesday the Obama administration is moving to drop charges against an arms dealer who had threatened to expose Hillary Clinton’s determination to arm anti-Gadhafi rebels.

The Libyan tribal parliamentary leaders, in an exclusive Skype interview published by WND on Sept. 21, characterized Clinton as the “Butcher of Libya.” They contended her State Department was “behind the terrorist groups controlling Libya, Ansar al-Sharia, behind the militia in Misurata who destroyed a great part of Libya and displaced 2 million people from their lands because they were accused of being loyal to Gadhafi.”



Anonymous said...

Its clear to me why Hillary did not accept a peaceful agreement and it has nothing to do with her alleged personal vendetta. Momo Gadhafi had established the 2nd most prosperous nation in Africa and he did it all without the aid of the IMF and Centralized banking. Hillary was playing lap dog to Globalist interests. If there had been a peaceful election then the current system would still be in place and that was counter to the Globalist agenda.

This had nothing to do with Hillary personally, she was simply being an evil henchman to the UN, IMF and Central banking cartels.

Anonymous said...

It did have something to do with Hillary's personal life. She lobbied for and accepted millions from the banks and other financial players. If she hadn't intervened, Libya would continue to be a productive nation not in the economic and social turmoil that it is now, ISIS wouldn't have taken hold, and the world wouldn't be burdened with millions of refugees and a bottomless pit in which to throw billion of dollars and sacrificing innocent lives.
It's all on Hillary, and she did it for money and the promise of power.

Anonymous said...

11:25 Money and power having nothing to do with Personal Vendettas. Committing acts of evil for monetary gain and future leverage simply make you a scumbag.