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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Another debate, another biased moderator

We’ve been here before. The alarm clock sounds and it’s another biased debate presided over by the supposed “neutral” media. Yes, it was a “Groundhog Day” debate Tuesday night at Longwood University. That’s where CBS anchor and debate moderator Elaine Quijano did her best Lester Holt impersonation (or was it Candy Crowley or maybe CNBC) – throwing hard questions mostly at Republican Gov. Mike Pence and allowing Sen. Tim Kaine to interrupt at will.

Quijano turned left from the very first question – citing 1988 liberal, Democratic vice presidential candidate Lloyd Bentsen’s comment about the responsibility of being vice president. She recalled that he said, “if tragedy should occur, the vice president has to step in without any margin for error.” That set the stage perfectly and signaled viewers that the debate was to be seen consistently from the left. And Quijano didn’t disappoint.

By a factor of 8-to-1, Quijano peppered Pence with tough question after tough question. She reserved just one for Kaine.

For conservatives, it was like Groundhog Day. If viewers saw their shadow, that will mean slightly more than one month more of the most-biased media election in human history..



Anonymous said...

Kaine isn't able.

Anonymous said...

PRHAEps if they actually answered a question it would not be lopsided.

Anonymous said...

Kaine was all bluff and contradiction with no substance. Just what we need in another Democratic leader.