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Thursday, October 06, 2016

How the FBI wound up destroying evidence

Welcome to the Twilight Zone: Under immunity deals given to two key Hillary Clinton aides in the e-mail probe, the FBI wound up destroying evidence.

Once they were done searching two laptops used to store Clinton’s e-mails, the agents had to destroy them. They also had to limit their search to include nothing after January 2015 — that is, before news broke of the whole home-brewed-server business.

Meaning the FBI investigation had that much less chance of stumbling across fresh proof of obstruction of justice.
All this to get Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson to hand over laptops the Justice Department could’ve gotten via subpoena — with no need for strings.

Kudos to Fox News for breaking this latest rancid story, thanks to the reporters’ sources on the House Judiciary Committee.


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Anonymous said...

No less than Watergate, this is a coverup of Hillary's lawbreaking by this administration. The collusion between Hillary, Bill, Loretta Lynch, the FBI, and Obama himself is just so obvious and blatant. Where is the media and their investigative reporters like the ones that exposed the Watergate coverup? Oh yeah,that's right, Watergate was a Republican administration. By omission, the mainstream media is complicit in the coverup. Ugh, I hate our government. Our constitution means nothing to those in power.