Friday, September 02, 2016

Judge kills claims against Oglesby by former officers

District Court Judge J. Frederick Motz ruled on a number of motions brought by the defendants in the case between three former Pocomoke City police officers and a large number of government officials and staff last Friday, denying all but one. The charges against State’s Attorney Beau Oglesby have been dismissed.

Motz, in his decision, said, “The claims raised by the plaintiffs are barred by the doctrine of absolute prosecutorial immunity.”

The U.S. Supreme Court held in 1976 that a state prosecuting attorney who acted within the scope of his duties in initiating, pursuing a criminal prosecution and presenting a case, is absolutely immune from civil damages.

The plaintiffs, former Police Chief Kelvin Sewell as well as former officers Lynell Green and Franklin Savage, alleged that Oglesby had acted outside of his duties when he read aloud, among colleagues, letters composed by a suspect during a meeting held in April 2014. The letters contained multiple instances of the word “nigga.”



Anonymous said...

If Judge Motz say it then you can take it to the bank. If Oglesby had not read the letter verbatim then the plaintiffs would have had grounds to appeal. What a waste of the State's time and money by Sewell and his bunch of fools.

Anonymous said...

Former Pocomoke employees are the racist ones and they lost their suit, thank God.

Anonymous said...

I worked with beau in a LE capacity many years while he was in wicomico county, and never found him to be anything other than a great person. Its a shame that these other Leo's are clutching at straws to save their jobs while dragging beau's good name through the mud.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad this reached the main stream media in enough time to give Pocomoke a black eye before, yet do any of the major news outlets follow up on the outcome?????? Not a chance.