Friday, September 02, 2016

Donald Trump will end complacency on the illegal immigration crisis

The mainstream media and the Democrats have become complacent on the issue of illegal immigration. President Obama and Hillary Clinton clearly see it as the norm simply to shrug and accept the idea that people can illegally enter the United States and stay indefinitely without penalty. For them, even raising the idea of curbing illegal immigration makes one a bigot or a xenophobe.

We are a country of immigrants who have built this great nation, but it is legal immigration that we should be recognizing and encouraging. Legal immigrants deserve respect for following the laws of our nation and completing the process. This is not an extreme concept. It is a matter of simply protecting our nation’s sovereignty and knowing who is coming into our nation.

At one point, Mrs. Clinton agreed with these concepts. She once adamantly opposed illegal immigration and supported the Secure Fence Act to protect our borders. Now, she says, she hates the wall that Donald Trumppromises to build and supports expanding Mr. Obama’s executive orders on amnesty and open-borders policies.

The Democratic nominee is putting out a welcome mat for foreign nationals who believe that they can overstay their visas or cross the border illegally. Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton have sent an unmistakable signal to rest of the world that the U.S. won’t protect its borders or enforce its basic laws. That only encourages more immigrants to jump the line and find an alternate route to enter the United States. Of course, the media by and large can’t be bothered to call Mrs. Clinton on her immigration flip-flops.


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Anonymous said...

Politicians are supposed to uphold the laws of the land. It's clear they are not doing so by allowing illegal immigrants in and then turning around and taking taxpayers money to pay to take care of them. I can't imagine there being enough people to vote for this lunacy to continue. Vote Trump!