Friday, September 02, 2016

Matt Lauer to Moderate 'Commander-in-Chief Forum' – Will NBC Disclose Link to Clinton Foundation?

Matt Lauer, once listed as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, will moderate the first joint public appearance from Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The Clinton Global Initiative, one chapter of the scandal-plagued Clinton Foundation, listed Lauer as a “notable member” just years ago. NBC’s press release does not disclose this fact.

From NBC:

“TODAY” co-anchor Matt Lauer will moderate the first-ever Commander-in-Chief Forum on Wednesday, September 7, presented by NBC News and MSNBC with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

During this one-hour forum live from the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be on stage back-to-back taking questions on national security, military affairs and veterans issues from NBC News and an audience comprised mainly of military veterans and active service members.



Anonymous said...

Bought time the parties got on the straight/narrow and initiate a debate not during Monday night NFL Football (9/26/16), Sunday night NFL Football (10/9/16 or Wed night BASEBALL PLAYOFFS (10/19/16).

Yeah, their 3 big debates are on those dates, when the least amount of folks will watch...sorry certain politico party - aint gonna work...Why????

TRUMP 2016

Anonymous said...

Anyone who cares about this country doesn't care that the debates are scheduled with games on. If watching grown men play games is more important to people than choosing our next leader it only shows the problem with this country. When games are more important to watch than a presidential candidate debate this country is already done. Games...!?!? Games played by worthless punks like Kaepernick.... who the F cares. It's a game. The outcome doesn't determine the direction of the country. Grow up and care about how we're being screwed by the government not a freaking game played by overpayed punks! Is this real? Seriously people. The country and our children's future or a freaking game. The choice is yours. Vote Trump and jail hillary 2016!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like they will spoon feed Hildabeast her questions

Anonymous said...



He can't MODERATE! He's on the LEFT!

Anonymous said...

My hope is that she will go away after Mr. Donald takes office. So tired of seeing this person and her crowd.

Anonymous said...

You think the debates are real? Clinton will have the advantage on all of it. It's her networks hosting it. I haven't watched any debates and won't. Vote Trump.

Anonymous said...

No, debates are not real, especially this one. Can't stand Matt Lauer and 1:49 has it right, he way over there on the left.

Anonymous said...

Vote Trump, skip this September 7 BS.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't the candidates on the stage together??? Is hillary that afraid of the truth coming out?????

Steve said...

She's afraid she'll have a case of the vapors if she has to actually go face to face with the Donald! Shells been in hiding 270 days now, and coming out in front of more than 100 people. She prefers her rally where only paid minions attend.