Friday, September 02, 2016

USA Today Helps Mylan Sell an Extortionate Price for EpiPen

“Under Fire, Mylan to Offer Generic EpiPen for 50% Less,” was USA Today‘s headline (8/29/16).

That depends on when you start the clock.

The drug-maker announced that it would be selling an unbranded version of the lifesaving anti-allergy device for $300 for a two-pack. That’s actually a little more than a 50 percent reduction from the current list price; a two-pack of EpiPens generally sells for $608.

But that’s the recently jacked-up price that sparked the outrage that forced Mylan to offer a generic alternative. A year ago, an EpiPen set was going for$461. That would make the $300 price a 35 percent reduction, not 50 percent.



Anonymous said...

Smoke and mirrors and profits.

Anonymous said...

no way should these pens cost more than 20 bucks