Friday, September 02, 2016

Hiding Hillary Day 271: Will Trump Surge Force Hillary out of Hiding?

It has now been 271 days since Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton held a press conference.

#HidingHillary is a campaign strategy to prevent Clinton from making public gaffes. By avoiding unscripted questions and public appearances that are not carefully controlled by the campaign, the tactic is designed to allow Clinton’s opponent, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, to hand her the presidency through his own self-inflicted wounds.

#HidingHillary might minimize the risk of mistakes for Clinton, but it bolsters Trump’s ability to set the narrative. Under the leadership of Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon, Trump’s campaign is taking full advantage of #HidingHillary, focusing on Clinton’s many scandals and more recently on Trump’s immigration policy in an attempt to redirect the political conversation.



Anonymous said...

D-Con would also work.

Anonymous said...

She believes the coronation is a sure thing.