Friday, September 02, 2016

Three sentenced after July Boardwalk confrontation

Eight people who face charges related to the Boardwalk melee in July appeared in Ocean City District Court this week, with the man accused of instigating the large-scale confrontation with police pleading guilty Tuesday morning to second-degree assault on an officer and resisting arrest.

Kevin Rustin, 22, of Silver Spring faced several charges, including two felonies, that originated when he kicked a Boardwalk trashcan and threw it to the ground near 1st Street and Atlantic Avenue.

According to testimony, Rustin was notably intoxicated and was aggressive towards officers when they confronted him.

“When he was told to sit down and that he was under arrest, he said ‘go ahead and shoot me, you m***********g cops … put a bullet in my back,’” Assistant State’s Attorney Heather Clarke told the court.

Rustin also punched an officer and attempted to head-butt another, she told Judge Daniel Mumford. Police had to put violent prisoner restraints on Rustin and it took two minutes to gain control of the situation, she said.



Anonymous said...

So much hate in their faces.Raised by single moms for the most part.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly what OC considers to be happy vacationers.

Anonymous said...

Chain gang.

Anonymous said...

WOW all European Americans??

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kevin lost the fight.