Friday, September 02, 2016

Donald Trump hammers Hillary Clinton over 'bleached' emails

Donald Trump used a military veterans forum on Thursday to attack Hillary Clinton over her classified email and public corruption scandals, showing that he's willing to take swipes at his Democratic opponent no matter the setting or the audience.

Speaking to the annual convention of the American Legion in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Republican presidential nominee pledged to restore 'an honest State Department' free of 'pay-for-play' arrangements.

'She probably didn't mention that to you yesterday,' Trump quipped, drawing laughs as he referred to Clinton's Wednesday morning speech to the same group.

'Government access and favors will no longer be for sale,' he vowed, in a nod to claims that Clinton sold access to U.S. diplomacy in exchange for donations to her family foundation.



Anonymous said...

This country needs Trump as President.

Anonymous said...

Certainly does not need Hillary as president.