Friday, September 02, 2016

Trump Hustles as Queen Hillary Hides Behind Her Media Palace Guards

Last week I thought Hillary Clinton's plan to stay out of the limelight was pretty smart: a) Hillary doesn't wear well; she's nothing close to likable. b) attendance at her rallies is pathetic; terrible optics. c) she's trying to cover up her poor health. d) you don't make gaffes if you’re not out there. e) the corrupt mainstream media is running her campaign for her.

By assuming this position, Hillary put the Trump campaign in a bit of a bind. How do you smoke her out without appearing defensive and desperate?

It appears as though Team Trump might have found a way, and a number of factors indicate it might be working. First off, the polls appear to be tightening. In the Reuters rolling survey, Trump has made up a -12 point deficit. Trump has also expanded his lead in the USC rolling poll. The RCP poll of polls still shows him -4 points down (and a bit stalled), but he was -6 and -7 points down just a few weeks ago.

Trump is also crawling back in key states, still behind but within striking distance in Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, Florida, and North Carolina.


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Anonymous said...

All he need say at any outing is, "Where is Hillary?"