Friday, September 02, 2016

Low-Fat Myths: Why What We've Been Told Is Wrong

We’re finally coming to our dietary senses, say experts, who herald the return of full-fat products as dietary staples. Study after study has demonstrated that low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets just don’t work to drive weight loss or prevent disease.

In fact, they are the culprits causing our obesity epidemic, which is a contributing factor to cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

“Finally Americans are getting rid of the not-fat craze,” notes cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, co-author of “Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth.”

He tells Newsmax Health the latest nutrition research over the last decade or so has clearly demonstrated that consuming more healthy fats is far superior to eating simple carbs and sugars – for health and weight loss.

“For example, eating organic butters, healthy fish, meats, and especially yogurts containing saturated fats results in a more favorable insulin response than the fat-free foods, which can cause an alarming insulin response in the body,” he says.

“The trick to getting healthy, stabilizing our weight and reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease is to add more healthy fats to the diet along with lean protein, while reducing sugary carbs at the same time. When you do this, insulin levels are less likely to soar and the body responds physiologically with less glycation for better health and aliveness.”

Dr. Drew Ramsay, author of “Eat Complete,” points out that “the scientific evidence that tells us saturated fats are harmful has been significantly questioned by the medical community.

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Anonymous said...

It all boils down to what my mama told me decades ago: "All things in moderation."

Anonymous said...

The medical community is all about helping pharmaceutical companies and others who offer them money and free stuff. They don't want you well. They want to prescribe a few pills or have procedures not necessary. If it's not natural it doesn't belong in our bodies.