Friday, September 02, 2016

New Virginia Poll Show Trump And Clinton In Dead Heat

A Hampton University Center For Public Policy released a new presidential poll of Virginia voters Thursday showing a dead heat between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The poll asked 801 likely Virginia voters between August 24 and 28 who they were going to vote for and 43 percent chose Clinton, and 41 percent responded that they would vote for Trump. Sixteen percent of Virginia voters said they still do not know who to pick or refused to answer.

Additionally, both Trump and Clinton have roughly equal unfavorable ratings from voters in the Old Dominion with Trump at 55 percent and Clinton at 54 percent. Their running mates Tim Kaine and Mike Pence have relatively lower unfavorable ratings at 40 percent and 32 percent, respectively.



Anonymous said...

Just need another Black Looting Mob incident, and Trump will be ahead. The BLM fools are helping push those on the fence, into Trump's camp.

Anonymous said...

She's in heat alright.

Anonymous said...

Kaine will put Virginia in Hillary's column. He is very popular in Virginia.

Steve said...

Reality shows Trump at 80% to Hillary's 10%. Just drive through your own city and count the Hillary signs.

Right. There aren't any. Your neighbors would be too embarrassed to show such a thing in their yards!

Why do you believe all these ignorant polls when Trump signs are the only ones in existence?