Friday, September 02, 2016

Public Universities REQUIRE Social Justice Training

In the wake of the swarm of Black Lives Matter protests that engulfed America’s campuses last academic year, administrators at a number of taxpayer-funded college and universities are forcibly indoctrinating students with required social justice training.

The University of Missouri, Oregon State University, Virginia Tech and the University of Wisconsin-Madison are four public schools at which bureaucrats have instituted mandatory social justice curricula, according to Inside Higher Ed.

“It’s important to try and create more opportunities for open dialogue about these issues,” Kevin Kruger, a spokesman for the atrociously-acronymed NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education), told the website. “Most campuses understand that the protests and activism last year show that there are issues that need to be addressed.”



Anonymous said...

They need to learn it somewhere.

Anonymous said...

"They need to learn it somewhere."

Okay then, just what *is* social justice? It's a stupid concept thought up by bleeding heart liberals who think they know what's best for everyone except themselves.

Steve said...

Yeah, 1028, look it up! It's not a good thing. And nobody needs to learn it anywhere any more than they need to learn Communism.

If you do feel the need to learn that stuff, please visit and apply for citizenship to countries that support these things.

Don't force your crap on me and my children.