Friday, September 02, 2016

How a Maryland Farmer Got $30,000 Back From the IRS

A Maryland dairy farmer who had nearly $30,000 taken from him by the IRSOpens a New Window. more than four years ago will now be getting that money back.

The government announced the decision in June to return the funds, which were taken in February 2012 through civil forfeiture laws, to South Mountain Creamery owner Randy Sowers.

During an interview on the FOX Business Network on Monday, Sowers explained why IRS took the money.

“We do a lot of farmers markets and have a store on the farm where we take in a lot of cash,” he said. “We normally just deposit the cash with no problem. One day my wife had $12,000 dollars and the [bank] teller asked her next time keep it under $10,000, that way she wouldn’t have to fill out a lot of paper work. So that’s what she did for 32 weeks that summer and February of the next year, the Justice Department showed up with some agents and was asking me about our accounts. I had no problem talking to them because we didn’t do anything wrong that I knew of. We claimed all that money on our taxes."



Anonymous said...

Civil forfeiture in cases like these is beyond belief. But no one can spank the IRS, at least now.
Vote for Trump.

Anonymous said...

If you have cash you must be a crook at least according to the IRS.

Concerned Retiree said...

The Banks or doing this at $5000 now and even lower amounts. My Bank fills out paperwork on as little as $500. So beware and get a safe. You will earn more on cash transactions with others than you will gain in interest. I am keeping as little as possible in a Bank. I deposit money if I don't have enough to cover when I write a check. Obama is doing everything to control your money that people are unaware of. Now he is attempting to take control of our voting system.
Vote Trump to stop are at least postpone this style of Dictatorship.