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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Below is a chart and a brief propaganda piece from the MSM that tells you everything you need to know about how fucked we are as a country. Have you been watching the GOP debates? Most of these morons stand up there and spout off about how they will reduce taxes, increase military spending, not cut Social Security or Medicare for the elderly and balance the budget by cutting wasteful spending.

Here is the reality. We spend $3.8 trillion per year in the categories listed on the chart. If the GOP candidates are going to increase the first category and not touch the second category, then the third category will keep growing. This means that $2.4 trillion out of $3.8 trillion is untouchable. Meanwhile, the Republicans will be reducing revenue by cutting taxes.

We currently bring in about $2.4 trillion in tax revenue. This means EVERYTHING besides the top three categories would need to be ELIMINATED in order to balance the budget.

Obama is no better. He has increased War spending every year in office to levels well above Bush. He will never touch Social Security or Medicare. In fact, his Obamacare will add billions more in spending. Ron Paul is the only candidate willing to put forth a plan to cut everything. It is the only chance we would have as a country, but Americans will never vote to take their fee shit away.



Anonymous said...

That article belongs in that bag.

Ironshire said...

Good grief, Joe... can't ya clean those stories up a bit before ya put 'em up?
Ya lost me at end of the first sentence!

Craig Theobald

Anonymous said...

Four million every minute borrowed.

Anonymous said...

10:19 PM

At least he put your comment up

Anonymous said...

If people won't vote to cut free-be's that puts them in the same class as the greedy corporate pigs that rob pensions from old folks.

One group lives off the benefits of others all their lives, the other group works all their lives for free and find out their pensions were poorly invested by corporate piggys.

Will there come a time that there will be blood?

Anonymous said...

Will there come a time that there will be blood?

October 27, 2011 9:41 AM

Blood has already been shed, and I expect it to get worse.

Anonymous said...

Our government does need to be over thrown and returned to the people.

Our founding fathers left us the right to bear arms amendment to do just that. Guess they didn't think about WMD's at the time.

If we tried to wage war against our oppressive government there would be so many drones flying around our heads we'd think we are in Deal's Island and the drones are mesquitos.