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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Look Who's Deciding American Court Cases

Many being decided by edicts from Muhammad

Islamic law, or Shariah, already is being applied in the U.S. court system, according to an extensive new report.

A recent Center for Security Policy study called "Shariah Law and American State Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court Cases outlines dozens of cases in which the Islamic system of law has been applied.

Center spokesman David Reaboi said the Islamic strictures are being carried out mostly in cases in which foreigners are the principals.



Anonymous said...

Sure. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

That is just so very wrong in THIS country. Another stepping stone.

Anonymous said...

So while the article tries to say Shariah is taking over, it points to an example of how shariah was shut down in deference to US criminal law. So whats the point?

Anonymous said...

IF you are in the good ole US of A then you should be bound by our laws. You should also speak English. If you want Islamic law then go back to your own country.
That's the way it was meant to be like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Amen to 8:27 send all these people bacck home. Shariah law has no place here in the U.S