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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back Up, Empire!

We’ll get to that. First, what happened in the markets? On Friday, the Dow rose 267 points. Gold went up too – $23.

A big move to the upside. And why? No apparent reason. Gaddafi bit the dust, almost literally. And the Europeans seemed to be stumbling to yet another solution…in which they borrow more money to help fund the troubles created by borrowing money in the past.

Nothing new, in other words…

Your editor brought his wife here to Cyprus on a weekend get-a-way. Besides, he wanted to see where Solon died. Whether or not Solon, the great Greek lawgiver, died in Cyprus or not is a matter of some dispute. And what he was doing here is unknown. But Herodotus says his body was “consumed in Cyprian fire.” So this is the place he must have gone back to ash.


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