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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Home Invasion Robbery

On October 25, 2011 at approximately 9:06 pm, Officers of the Salisbury Police received a call to respond to a residence on the one hundred (100) block of Onley Road for the report of a home invasion robbery. Upon arrival the officers met with two (2) adult female victims who advised that they had been robbed inside of their residence at gunpoint by two (2) suspects. The victims stated that the suspects had knocked at the door and then forced their way into the residence when the door was answered. Both suspects produced handguns then searched the residence, taking an amount of property. The suspects fled from the residence on foot and the victims were not injured. Salisbury Police K-9 Miso conducted a track for the suspects which led to an area on Halsey Drive. It is not known at this time if this incident is related to the previous home invasion and this investigation is continuing.

The suspects were described as:

1. African American male, early 20’s, approximately 5’5”, heavy build, wearing a dark t-shirt, dark sweatpants, a hat and his shirt as a face mask.

2. African American male, early 20’s, thin build, approximately 6’0” to 6’1”, wearing dark clothing, a hat and a bandanna facial mask.

While the two recent incidents are under investigation, the Salisbury Police are asking the citizens of Salisbury to consider the following tips to help ensure their safety.

1. If you are not expecting guests, do not open your door at night if you do not know who is at the door. If the subjects refuse to identify themselves, or you do not know them, notify the police immediately.
2. Be aware of your surroundings if you find yourself outside of your residence after dark. Avoid dimly lit areas that are secluded or over grown with plant growth.
3. When exiting your vehicle to enter your residence, check the area to ensure that no one that you do not know is in the area.
4. If you see anyone in the area of your residence that seems to be loitering in the area or acting in a suspicious manner, notify the police department immediately.

If anyone has any information concerning this incident they are asked to contact the Salisbury Police at 410-548-3165 or Crime Solvers of Delmarva at 410-548-1776. All information is beneficial and information may be left at both locations anonymously.


lmclain said...

Didn't you forget --- keep some loaded weapons handy? Please don't start with "the law says..." because the law says you should not be robbing, beating, and invading homes, either. How's THAT law working? By the time the police get to your house (if they can pull themselves away from DUI Nazi "checkpoints", or from that revenue generating radar unit, you'll be a statistic. I'd rather make someone ELSE a statistic than be beaten and robbed in my own home.

Anonymous said...

What happened to people breaking and entering when you were not home? when did they get bold to enter a home when someone is home? Time sure has changed in america...

Anonymous said...

When seconds count, police are only minutes away.

Lucky they didn't get raped as well. Start shooting the SOB's. That will reduce the criminal population, act as an EFFECTIVE deterrent, And make minorities more of a minority. Win-win.

Anonymous said...

They are going after the college students who they know aren't armed.

Anonymous said...

They are going after the college students who they know aren't armed.

October 26, 2011 7:58 PM

And some, if not most, college students should NOT be armed. They should be allowed their choice of course but I wouldn't trust them with a weapon unless they have had proper training.