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Friday, August 12, 2011

Postal officials tell Federal News Radio they want to eliminate 220,000 jobs by 2015. 100,000 of those would come through attrition. The remaining 120,000 would come in the form of layoffs, if Congress agrees to eliminate layoff protections in collective bargaining agreements. USPS also wants to set up and manage its own retirement and health benefits plans for employees. Read Full Story

Postal Service wants to cut 220,000 jobs


Anonymous said...

The USPS salary level has always been higher on average than that in mainstream America.In my opinion,realistic salaries from day one would have averted this crisis.Any rational business person knows that their intake/output cash ratio can make or break them.Advanced communications technology compounded the problem.

Anonymous said...

The USPS wants to manage the health care and retirement funds so they can get their hands on the cash and spend it without regard to the people who have contributed to it. I can smell that rat from a mile away.