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Friday, January 29, 2010

Crystal Lynn Baker

Hi Joe,

Not only do you provide us with updated and breaking news, you are the one to turn to when we want to get word out when people need help.

Last Friday, a police officer in Durham, NC found the body of 24 yr old Crystal Lynn Baker who was formerly of Salisbury. She was a friend to many here on the eastern shore (attended schools here) and also leaves behind many family members.No family should have to go through this as we know all too well around here lately. Her family is for help from the public. It is going to cost thousands of dollars to have Crystals body back here for a proper burial and sincere goodbye. You can make donations at any Bank of Delmarva in her name, "Crystal Lynn Baker"

Thanks So Much,

A Family Friend


Anonymous said...

More information needs to be furnished about this person such as family members, when she lived here and where she resided. The name is familiar.

Anonymous said...

why has it become everyone else
s problem to bury people these days? It is getting old!

Anonymous said...

Her father and her cousin were on WBOC/WMDT talking about her.
Its not that it's "someone else's problem" it's that the family ( as well as other families recently) do not have the money to pay for something so sudden and unexpected. If you can help, help. If not, keep the negative comments to yourself. If it were my family member and money that I didn't have depended on whether or not I got to bury my child here at home, I'd hope that someone would help me in my time of need.

John D said...

Thank You Joe. I appreciate that you are allowing the information to be posted on your site in hopes of helping this family

joealbero said...

I'm glad to hear WBOC & WMDT did something about this story as well. My hat is tipped to them.

Malaki Greer said...

When Are people going to realize that EVERYONE needs life insurance??? I don't want to hear that it's a money thing because you decide how much of a policy to purchase. Call your local life insurance agent and ask them. A $25,000 policy for a 24 year old female with my company is $8.75 per month. That's less than $3.00 per week. You cannot tell me that it is not affordable.
Malaki Greer

Anonymous said...

I don't want to speak out of term or sound insensitive, but why doesn't the family have her remains cremated. The cost of creamation is about $1700 to $2000 compared to $7000 to $15000 to bring her home. The family would be able to bring her home and have a proper burial, with minimal expense.
My prayers go out to the family that they can find closure and that the person (I am assuming) pay the price for this crime.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell the story please. Where she lived, what schools and what has happened to her.

Anonymous said...

Has a picture and a little more info about her

Anonymous said...

To 8:42 I am not trying to be insensitive but lately there have been several people whose families have not planned ahead. Gerber Life insurance will insure children at birth and it is pennies a day and never goes up. One never knows when someone is going to die and everyone should have enough insurance to bury their children if some such horrible thing happens. The community is not responsible for everyone's burial that the family has not planned for. It is always easy to prey on others. I am sorry for your loss but it is your problem.

Anonymous said...

My name is Rhonda Gillespie. Crystal moved three houses down from me in Greenwood Delaware with her mother the summer of 1992. We were inseparable until she moved to Delmar with her mother and lil brother and step father, but we kept in touch. The last time i saw her was in January of 2002 when she was living with her father in Fruitland Maryland. The past two months have been hell for me. All these questions and no answers. I have not been able to get a hold of her family or friends so I am asking her family or friends to please get ahold of me
Rhonda Colleen Gillespie
505 S.E. Front St.
Milford Delaware 19963
302-422-1584 or 302-228-7621

Katie Nix said...


My name is Katie Nix and I'm a reporter in Durham, NC working on a story about local cold cases. If anyone would like to speak to me about Crystal Baker's death please contact me at 919-419-6636, 330-256-0470 or send me an email at

Thank you!