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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Twitter Is A Hotbed Of Inequality and White Male Privilege Or Something

Yet another in a long line of 1st World Problems, namely, there are too many white males on Twitter, which totally means there is an inequality in society

(Daily Caller) The MIT Technology Review is pushing a study that claims Twitter has a white male problem, and that it’s keeping women and ethnic minorities down with what it calls a “glass ceiling.”

In a newly published article, the MIT Technology Review claims that social media plays an important role in “reversing inequality of various kinds.” Fair play to sites like Twitter and Facebook for bridging the class gap by enabling people to openly communicate to each other, but the study claims that a preexisting inequality exists, which works against efforts to end inequality.

The did a ton of research, looking at hundreds of millions of tweets and 50 million users over a 3 month time period, looking a race and sex using an algorithm that detects those from the faces of the user photos (what of those who use something different?), and have determined that 57% of users are males, 43% female (which will probably set the snowflakes off in rants about some being transgender and sexless). 68% are white. Which means

Messias and his group say that of the top percentile of Twitter users with the most followers they collected, 57 percent of them were men and 43 percent were women. The 15 percent swing represents the inequality in society, which they claim exists. “The results reflect the general idea that higher positions are usually taken by males,” Messias said.



Anonymous said...

?????? It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing....

Anonymous said...

It's a free 'service' but you have to spell, more or less, to use it. And if you are using it and have only a four letter word vocabulary you might be at a disadvantage.

BTW, don't use it despite all my inherited privileges, and those I earned all by my lonesome.

Was that more than 144 characters?

Anonymous said...

If Trump was black would he be limited on how much he could use Twitter.

Steve said...

I'm not a Twit, so I can't comment, but I can't imagine finding out who uses it voluntarily should be cried over.

After all, no milk was spilled...