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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Trump should cancel Congress’ 38-day vacation

Congress will take 218 days off this year. In 30-day months, that’s 7.2 months off.

And President Trump has had quite enough of that.

In several pointed tweets on Tuesday morning, Trump expressed his frustration with the obstructionist Democrats in the House and Senate — as well as his own Republicans, who are thinking about just packing it in and rolling home before passing a health care overhaul bill.

A clearly miffed Mr. Trump tweeted: “The Senate Democrats have only confirmed 48 of 197 Presidential Nominees. They can’t win so all they do is slow things down & obstruct!”

How bad is it? Read this passage from a Wall Street Journal piece from Tuesday:

“Democratic obstruction against nominees is nearly total, most notably including a demand for cloture filings for every nominee — no matter how minor the position. This means a two-day waiting period and then another 30 hours of debate. The 30-hour rule means Mr. Trump might not be able to fill all of those 400 positions in four years. The cloture rule also allows the minority to halt other business during the 30-hour debate period, which helps slow the GOP policy and oversight agenda.

“Democrats have also refused to return a single ‘blue slip’ to the Judiciary Committee, which has the effect of blocking consideration of judicial nominees from their home states. Senators like Minnesota’s Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar are holding hostage the eminently qualified Minnesota Supreme Court Justice David Stras for the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals for no reason other than politics.”

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Anonymous said...

He should cancel their health care as well.

Anonymous said...

It is very sad that the freeloaders of both parties will not do what is best for the taxpayers that float their lively hood. They should think American's, not parties. Right down to local peon's that think they are something they aren't.

Anonymous said...

Check your facts, Trump can do nothing of the sort with regards to Congress. It's called separation of powers ya dickhead.

Anonymous said...

CANCEL IT - that would be initial progress....something grossly missing from our current CONgress!

Re-elections are next Nov 2018...need everyone to vote!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

12:10 yeah because everyone has been following the Constitution to the letter these last 100 years right?

Anonymous said...

1210 - the President can utilize the media (which he has done since day 1) to put pressure on Congress. Obama did it a few times during his 8 years.

It does work and you don't need a law or Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Congress has always had to much time off! Normal citizens and workers including state and federal workers don't get this type of time off. That is why their is deadlock in government, people are doing their jobs. This time off and recess that continue to take should be reduced. Make politicians WORK.

Thornton Crowe said...

This article is more powderpuff dream spinning unicorn food for the masses that don't know how our government works. I will repeat again for ANON 3:22PM because its obvious you aren't paying attention.

When the Founding Fathers designed our great US of America experiment, the representative bodies (Congress & the Senate) were supposed to be business and professional men (now women, too) who came to DC periodically to represent their districts in the big house. Capitol. There was no such thing as a professional politician - and much more, they didn't want professional full time representatives because, low and behold, they didn't want the corruption that often follows with such representation. They wanted the representatives to connect and be amongst their people in order to represent them well within the Federal construct.

Now, we have a government much like the Founding Fathers did NOT want. The Framers were against full time politicians as said above but as always, we've gone off the rails and side stepped the Constitution way too often for our bleeding good!

Hence, why Congress and the Senate only have a limited amount of workdays a year! It was designed that way. And perhaps its now time to revisit those crazy 1787 kids' idea of a good government and start demanding reps to spend more time in their districts. Do you understand now ANON 3:22PM why it's set up with all the recesses?

Anonymous said...

Let them go. Repeal O'care by Executive Order, go back to pre- O'care with 90 day grace period. Let Congress decide whether to quit and go home or stay the fight and work for a solution.

It's that simple.

6:55 said...

Oh, and I forgot. Cancel their plans and make them shop up their own on the open market. Or O'care, whatever. They should be no different than the rest of us.