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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Oregon Passes Bill That Allows For Gun Confiscation Order Without Owner’s Knowledge

If you were thinking about moving to Oregon for any reason, I’m here to relieve you of that mental burden.

Two bills recently passed in that bat shite crazy state, and neither of them are good for conservatives or anyone who respects live and our God-given rights.

One of them provided free abortions for everyone, regardless of whether or not they are American citizens.

The other one allows a judge to issue an order for the confiscation of an individual’s firearms without their knowledge, let alone permission.



Anonymous said...

If someone has an order issued due to mental defect, it would not make sense to tell them you're coming to get their guns...Duh. The judge doesn't want anyone to get shot when the order is implemented!

Anonymous said...

We are headed towards states of Washington, Oregon, and California becoming their own entity of somekind, and not being part of the U.S.. And possibly a few states in the east, like Maryland. The rest is the real U.S. better referred to as "fly over country".

Anonymous said...

Since Hogan has done nothing he said he would do for 2nd Amendment Maryland is not far behind

Anonymous said...

1:46 PM, who's fault is it for Hogan not doing what he said??? You, or Hogan? Clearly it is both of you, for one he did run on some of that platform but he stated somewhere he wasn't going to touch or change anything gun related in Maryland, that should have been your second clue, the first clue is he is a politician and lies to get votes like all politicians do, and sadly you all are still that god damn stupid to believe what lip service you get form these people... The main problem is, you the citizen, you can but don't hold them accountable, and you are not standing up for your rights just like everyone else who is on here complaining, they never do anything but complain...

CA was just sued and lost the 10 round restriction law they had, so maybe there is a chance to start somewhere??? But that would mean a lot of you, most of you would have to shut the fuck up and actually put action behind your complaining...

Haven't you clowns ever heard of the saying, if you want it done right, do it yourself????? Well get to it!!!!! but see you won't so don't expect anything to change or get better, only worse... It is sad how these people who want gun control never stop pushing, and they get what they want, you who don't want gun control don;t do a god damn thing and that is why you lose every time...

Anonymous said...

2:30 if you believe in the 2nd amendment what exactly are you doing to support it and if you don't believe in the 2nd amendment what are you doing about that? You seem to be such an expert I just thought I'd ask.

Anonymous said...

2:30 Changed my attitude today. From pleasant to nasty.
Complaining about complainers and cursing.
You seem to be a Vagina!

Unknown said...

Doesn't it seem to anyone else they are trying to DISARM us and not concerned with safety? They are scratching, bending, breaking the constitution while they are disregarding the 2nd amendment meaning in a back door way to void the amendment altogether.

Know your history. Remember what happened to every other nation when it's people were disarmed? It sure wasn't rainbows and moonbeams.

If they are allowed to keep nibbling on this 2nd amendment RIGHT, we will not have ANY RIGHTS. The 2nd amendment was written for a purpose and it wasn't to go hunting. It was a defense against a tyrannical government and a means to defend and KEEP all the other rights.

Do you know how many ways they can LEGALLY keep someone from owning a firearm? It's not just mentally unstable people or violent felons.

Look how bad it is now in the world. How much worse do you think it will get when no one can defend themselves?

lmclain said...

2:30 I can't believe Joe let that vulgar and STUPID post to get published.
Are you senile? Or have you forgotten the 30,000 people that showed up in Annapolis to SUPPORT gun rights, only to see 13 protesters from the other side get their way in the legislature.
THAT is why gun owners in Maryland don't waste their time on it.
What do we do?
We buy armor piercing ammo, night vision gear, high powered rifles and handguns that will put a round right through your house. And, we don't give anyone fingerprints, take a "class", submit to anything that resembles asking someone else if it's okay with them, or pay a fee of some sort.
We continually prepare for the day when some uppity politician tells the Gestapo to collect our weapons.
Some people won't be going home to their family that night. A LOT of people, probably. THAT will be how "we, the people" enforce the Constitution and stand up for the 2nd Amendment.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Shall NOT be infringed. This is UnConstitutional! Take it to the supreme courts, Throw these clowns out of office!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Imclain, I am one of us, and am ready for that day however much I'd rather not see it. But I've lived a good, free life and want the same for my kids and grands, so I will join in to the death for their rights. God bless us all.

Anonymous said...

We buy armor piercing ammo, night vision gear, high powered rifles and handguns that will put a round right through your house. And, we don't give anyone fingerprints, take a "class", submit to anything that resembles asking someone else if it's okay with them, or pay a fee of some sort.
July 12, 2017 at 7:49 PM

You forgot to mention suppressors.