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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Mo Brooks: Republican Congress Has Ceded Building Border Wall to Democrats

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily to talk about his run for the Senate, which includes a campaign ad that threatens a government shutdown if President Trump’s proposed border wall is not funded.

Marlow complimented Brooks on the craftsmanship of the ad, which is upbeat rather than angry as it sends what he called “a very tough message Washington needs to hear.”

“We’ve had promise after promise to build a border security wall,” Brooks said. “Congress has authorized it long ago, but Congress has refused to appropriate the money. Most recently in April, there was an opportunity to fund the border wall, but the United States Congress, in particular, the Senate, refused to come up with that funding that was necessary.”

“In effect, our Senate leadership, our Republican senators, have ceded to the Democrats the ability to block funding for the border wall,” he charged. “That was a keystone of President Trump’s campaign back in 2016. We need to keep our promises to the American people, and we need to start fighting back.”

“We should not be on bended knee, groveling and asking Chuck Schumer and the Democrats if we can please have the money to fund that wall,” said Brooks. “We’re the majority in the United States Senate, and the majority should rule, but right now, our Republican Senate has ceded to the Democrats the power over our agenda, the power over what we can vote on.”



Anonymous said...

As promised, Mexico is paying for the wall... not a single dime of tax payer money should go to the wall. Mr. President, make good on your promise.

Anonymous said...

How will they get the heroin in the Country?
Stupid people. They can't build the wall.
It was a campaign promise. They don't really count.
We are just happy that The Donald won.
We don't actually need for him to deliver on any of the promises.
Seriously. We don't.

Anonymous said...

Republicans have ceded everything to the Democrats. The Democrats know that and have let up the barrage since they know their "bulling" has accomplished their goals. Good - Bye Republicans.