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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Idaho dog reunited with owners after 9 months in the wild

A lost Boise dog is back home after nine months and a brutal winter alone in the Idaho mountains.

Mo, an elderly Chesapeake Bay Retriever, wandered away from her owners during a hunting trip on September 13 last year.

The 14-year-old's owners, Darwin and Cindy Cameron, spent the next three months staying near the tiny hamlet of Horseshoe Bend about 30 miles north of their home in Boise while they desperately searched for Mo.

But when winter rolled around, deep snow and harsh conditions eventually made the search impossible.



Anonymous said...

Good dog, Mo! What a great story! Many thanks to all who did what all the rest of us would have done had we had the chance!

May Mo have a coupe or more happy loving years before she goes! What a tough dog!

Anonymous said...

A 14 year old dog accomplished this? It is tough.

Anonymous said...

My Chesapeake would love to bust ice and swim in sub zero temps. If it were dead hot summer she probably wouldn't've made it. Chesapeake's are tough esp. in cold conditions!

Anonymous said...

Great story with a happy ending. Hope this helps others not to give up hope for a lost pet.